Saturday 7 September 2019

Minimal investment cloud migration


Minimal investment cloud migration

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This is part of a series of post how with almost zero CapEx investment your business can migrate to Cloud and refresh its infrastructure while doing so simply using Microsoft Azure and Citrix Cloud.

Let's assume the average business with 50 employees, half are office based and rest on-road. To support this business from an IT perspective a company would need some in-house servers and network infrastructure, plus the unreliable VPN requirement for external users. All the equipment and support is currently the companies responsibility. If this companies main area is not IT, the infrastructure will slowly age causing regular interruptions to the dissatisfaction of employee, lost productivity and expensive break-fixing to the dissatisfaction of you.

To upgrade such will take considerable time, investment in new hardware, migrations, licences, networks and those expensive consultants.

How can we easily fix this?

- Answer: Citrix and Microsoft Cloud!

- Ok, explain!

First of we set up a Microsoft Cloud Azure subscription (pay-as-you-go of course in the beginning) and create a non-disruptive mirror of the on-site infrastructure. Over one weekend SQL, passwords, business apps will be migrated (Yes, one weekend is enough for a business this size - if the consultants know what they are doing).

The users still have their data and access - just now they will all have a cloud based desktop to use. At their own time they will copy what they need from the local PC to this cloud based system. Leading to all data now being in the companies hands, not some laptop in a coffee shop. Off note: Being the reason why most companies choose Citrix is to become GDPR compliant.

What is Citrix and a remote desktop (2 min video):

Users can access this desktop from anywhere securely, be it train or airplane and use their own devices further saving the company money by bring your own device model. Not to forget your employees can work from home - a great seller when hiring!

Sounds to good?

When this is done that ugly server room will be thrown out and all is needed is an average Internet connection in the office, further reducing cost. This infrastructure will always be up to date (patched by Microsoft and Citrix themselves) and online (guaranteed 99.9%) being managed by same.

Average cost per user is apx. 37 euro/month. Considering that the average business spends apx. 40K just to run IT with no investment or future-proofing

Look out for the next post on long term cost savings and how this halves your IT team.
About the author:

Daniel Istvan is a consultant and engineer at ITVolks specialised in developing cost effective and remote access solutions. Having spend 12 years in the telecommunications market helping customers in poor remote regions access business applications. He can tell all about how Citrix is the best market solution to grow outside the core office and how important it is to mobilise-empower the modern workforce.

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